Top 10 Natural Stone Suppliers in the United States in 2019


Natural Paving Stones now becomes a natural choice for internal and external paving requirements. The advent of technologies has improved quarrying, transit, shipping, cutting, and finishing of natural stones up to your imagination.

Natural Stone Suppliers

Therefore, a number of stone importers, suppliers, distributors, quarries, and retailers have opened their outlets online along with brick-n-mortar showrooms as well as factories. If you want a perfect guide regarding your natural stone needs, I have selected top ten vendors in the USA who are reliable, cost-effective, and genuine to go with them.

1 – World of Stone USA

It is a celebrate importer and distributor in the Maryland, USA. It has a rich inventory for external applications, so it is the unmatched supplier of exterior natural stones in the USA and adjoining regions including North America, Canada, and South America.

World of Stone is committed to quality, so it has ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and SA8000 certificates given after rigorous testing of the products by valid authorities in States and Federal agencies.

It has enormous turnover capabilities of 4000+ container delivery per year. It has unimaginative infrastructural capacities, such as 165K+ sq. m. Sawing area and 15 million sq. m. Calibration area.

You can bring beauty to your exterior and create a signature of styles & elegance by laying natural stones carved by ‘World of Stones’ for your property. They used to offer a wide range of collections for exterior paving stones including Classic Collection, Time Worn Collection, Contemporary Collection, and Cerapave Porcelain Paving Collection.

It offers exclusive stone craft collection ranging from little yet eye-grabbing stone artifacts to the massive structures and sculptures. It enables to decorate exterior patios, gardens, paving paths, pools, and a lot alike using various collections.

The Seaters Collection can add more spectrum in visuals while you expect it for leisure at exterior. With the Planter Collection, your eyes will soothe by added natural botanic beauty in your gardens, patios, and other exterior spaces as well. With the Artistic Sculptures, you can leave a signature of your affinity to nature itself, be it private or public places.

You can explore the stone wall panels, stone veneer, decorative wall covering, and stone wall cladding products out of the treasure of inventory at World of Stones. The natural stones are splendid to look, sturdy to withstand a long, and low in maintenance.


2 – Southland Stone USA Inc.

Southland Stone USA Inc.

According to their websites, they are specialized in the specification, management, and supply of natural stones for commercial and residential projects. They have an inventory of all sorts of interior products.


3 – Natural Stone Distributors

Natural Stone Distributors

The founders of NSD inspired by demands of natural stones quarrying at offshore places. Therefore, they are among the leading importers and distributors of natural stones do not quarry in the USA.


4 – Stone Source

Stone Source

It exists in the market for more than 30 years. It is a design-driven company providing natural stone products including slabs and tiles for interior and exterior. They have a significant inventory of carefully curated stone products mainly interior applications.


5 – All Natural Stone

All Natural Stone

It encompasses a coveted inventory of the most exotic natural stones the world has to offer. They cater to all tastes in residential and commercial designs for architects, designers, and contractors alike. Their selection stands alone in scope as well as quality both in the Bay Area.


6 – American Natural Stone & Supply

American Natural Stone & Supply

The company is serving in Ohio since 1976 growing from a small adventure to large suppliers of natural stones in the region. They stock more than 100 types of natural stones in their inventory. They also award winner installer of stones for interior & exterior spaces.


7 – Natural Stone Resources Inc.

Natural Stone Resources Inc.

It is the premier importer and distributing company supplying natural stones across the USA, Canada, and Mexico. They import natural stones from 15 countries of the world to meet a variety of needs of USA.


8 – Stone Universe Inc.

Stone Universe Inc.

It is working since 1999 and importing natural stones from India, China, and Turkey. They are selling their products to dealers directly with the best B2B deals. They offer a wide range of stones in colors, size, and styles.


9 – Pacific Shore Stones

Pacific Shore Stones

It is the best supplier of natural stones for interior applications. They have a rich collection for residential and commercial use. They also help in custom projects, remodeling, and restorations.


10 – Oakville Natural Stone Corporation

 Oakville Natural Stone Corporation

It is a known supplier of high-quality natural stones in the region. It has oversea partnerships to import raw material for a variety of finished products. It has big and custom projects in its credit.